US30 - Would like to buy every dip 😋(order-blocks)

CURRENCYCOM:US30   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Technical Overview: - Dow Jones

We like to see price react to our buy zones providing intraday/scalps as they are not meant to be strong as the lower zone marked :)

Simple, whoever tells you short is selling you lies, you want to be on the safe side? stay bullish on US markets simple as that.
Wait for dips if they happen don't chase the market :)
Analysis is only 1 piece of the puzzle 🧩

Our analysis is a sentiment for the upcoming week, month.
Use this as a weather forecast, you are the person that has to put on a jacket when it’s raining.
Trade this sentiment based off your own entry strategy at the right time.

Flow with the Devil 😈
Trade with the manipulation👾

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