Dow Jones (Wall Street) - the big wobble.

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Crystal balls are either cracking or working overtime around the world in attempting to predict what's going to happen with Wall Street. See also What rules the world?

As I said so many times before, 'nobody can predict anything' in stock markets or any other market - for the simple reason that nobody owns the future.

In this screencast, I show a bit of my own methodology. There was a potential reversal zone on the weekly, that was stalked carefully for entry point on the hourly time frame. The 1h time frame was exploited. Then stop loss tightened on the 2h time frame using a combination of the VMA and Vervoort.

Looking ahead, the 1D time frame shows a serious change of sentiment of investors. Price busts violently through an Guppy (GMMA) investor zone. Those watching a 200EMA on 1D chart will see that there is hesitation as price moves into that zone. Price may respect that sort of zone for a while but it doesn't have to.

The squeeze momentum indicator also reflects the sudden change of momentum. Whatever it is that has accumulated to spook this market, is significant. I do not need to know.

The news has reported that Wall Street is fighting back. Well yes, but it's not a major fight back at this time on the 2H to 4H time frames.

Avoiding a 'predictions model', I simply position myself to get stopped out where I think is best. As mentioned in the video I do factor-in experience in this market, which cannot be written into an algorithm or set of instructions. Each instrument has a different 'personality'. So, my knowledge and experience in Wall Street is brought to bear on my probability estimates. In other words, though I have a methodology, how I apply it varies from instrument to instrument.

Overall, my assessment of the market on 1D and lower time frames, is probability for further down side. But for every probability in one direction there is a residual probability for the opposite direction.
Comment: For those with access to 'Weekend Wall Street' (elsewhere), there is some interesting action happening. Wall Street was up 32 points early on 14th October 2018, but has now retreated by 62 points from start of the day. That's a travel of some 94 points at time of posting - unusual for weekend figures. Co-incidentally, Bitcoin and Ether are making small progress north (at this time). I've referred to a probably connection (direct and indirect) elsewhere. Explore concept of microtrends - or not.
Comment: Now down 184 points! Wut!! This is crazy!
Comment: Those who need screenshots PM me.

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