Plunge Protection Team stops kamikazi dive!

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Dear fellow traders,

In this screencast I focus on the form of market fluctuations in 2007-ish and compare with what we are seeing in 2018. Reference this screencast against my previous screencast of 24th Dec 2018, on the PPT .

The key points match fairly closely in the overall form.

Strangely, the recent rebound is so telling of a story. What's that? This market was moving south like the kamikazi just 2 days ago. Something or somebody or some people stopped this kamikazi dive, all of a sudden - and amazingly caused the market to push north by some 1700 points. It takes a whole loadah dosh to move a market like that! There has been no earth shattering news that would excite investors that much, on Wall Street or the NASDAQ-tech-100, in the last 48 hours. If anything there is far more global financial chaos emerging, and the American economy is approaching bankruptcy (not according to me).

The most plausible explanation for me, is that the Plunge Protection Team called in over last weekend has followed its orders and done something to move the market north. Other possibilities are of course, that the PPT did nothing - but a bunch of very wealthy folk decided to throw money at the markets. Anything is possible but not everything is probable.

IF - and I emphasise 'if' - the 2007 pattern is representative of (lawful) market manipulation, it is also possible that we could all see a similar pattern emerge again in 2018/2019. I am not asserting or predicting that the form of the decline in 2007-2008 and its fluctuation will be seen in 2018-2019.

I also emphasise that nobody should expect perfect (relative) price-point by price-point matching of market fluctuations. I'm suggesting that it is the 'form' of the pattern that is most relevant.

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