Crash or no crash?

OANDA:US30USD   US Wall St 30
In this screencast I review a number of indices: the ACWI , US30, NASDAQ100, India50, Japan225 and SPUBYUP.

The picture is pretty grim. Some say that the world is heading into a deep recession that's likely to be worse than 2008. Some of course say 'no chance'.

The India50 and the Brazil60 are the two main indices, yet to take a nose dive.

The India50 is showing some signs of weakening.
Comment: The Indians have begun rolling over - overnight. (Just to be clear 'Indians' is not different to 'Americans', 'English' or 'French', in terms of terminology i.e. nothing derogatory intended).

Comment: More trouble ahead as Trump considers firing Powell!! Did I say Trump will fire Powell? I did not!
Comment: Plunge protection team called in!!
Comment: PANIC has broken out. I don't need to predict a crash - I can't. If it's happening I'm following it dowwwwnnnn! :))

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