ridethepig | CHF for the Yearly Close

FOREXCOM:USDCHF   U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc
📌 CHF for the Yearly Close

An excellent swing move, which is extraordinarily difficult to spot. You should note that what has played out has been completely carefully controlled and exclusively on the FED side. Whereas SNB have been seeking salvation against the inflows, the USD cycle is playing out by default and monetary error more than anything else. You cannot solve a monetary issue with private debt by issuing more private debt.

As we know, the flows which have dealt considerable damage to buyers can constitute a good criteria for the evaluation of the next pivot level in play at 0.870x. There is no way to avoid the test, buyers need to be careful not to get hemmed in as a breach will threaten a -10% sweep which is what I am eyeballing for 2021.

Switzerland will act as a suitable haven; SNB will threaten to gain time but only making the breakthrough harder in my opinion. Not the most technical of charts...shows the levels we need to exploit and when broken, advance the units and swing the bat.

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