CNY! Happy Chinese New Year!

FX:USDCNH   U.S. Dollar/Chinese Yuan

Oh, I cannot contain my excitement for this year's Chinese New Year of "Dragon"! 🐉 I mean, who wouldn't be absolutely thrilled to experience the exact same joyous celebrations as last year? And guess what? The depreciation trend of CNY? Oh, it's not going to miraculously reverse itself, not a chance! It's almost as if the Chinese government's awe-inspiring market manipulation is gracefully reaching its magnificent climax. And of course, we can all look forward to those enchanting SWAP contracts being wrapped up right on schedule after Chinese New Year. It has become such a charmingly predictable tradition, hasn't it? Like clockwork, year after year. 🙃

Now, if I gaze into my mystical crystal ball, I foresee a breathtaking future for the Chinese New Year. In the short term, hold onto your hats as the price pirouettes within the thrilling range of 7.21 and 7.17. 🧐 But wait, there's more! In the mid term, it will be up to 7.36, the peak in last year. Long term, prepare yourselves for a heart-stopping ascent to the dizzying heights of 7.78 to 7.81.🧐 Of course, we couldn't possibly fathom it going any higher than that. Why, you ask? Well, it's an absolute enigma why the mother country would ever contemplate lowering the rate of the son, especially when the HKDUSD stands at a jaw-dropping 7.8. It's like an intricate puzzle wrapped in a perplexing riddle, don't you think? 🤭

Yes, the macroeconomic world is teetering on the edge of its seat, eagerly awaiting the news that will come to the rescue of the oh-so-precious property market! I mean, what else could possibly save the day? Whispers and rumors abound about lower interest rates, an astonishing metamorphosis of the 5% public housing policies into a mind-boggling 30%, and let's not forget the grand abolishment of Xi's policy, "house is for living but not for making money". 🤭 Oh, but that's not all! Hold onto your hats as only newly planned developments are bestowed the privilege of borrowing money. Isn't it just splendid? But wait, there's more excitement brewing! Brace yourselves as the government magnanimously increases their securing guarantee for property lending. 🍒 Can you even begin to fathom the magnitude of this? We're talking trillions upon trillions of USD equivalent CNY being injected into the market. It's like a magical elixir that will undoubtedly solve all the property market woes. What could possibly go wrong under Xi's visionary policy? 😛

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a spectacular show this year. It's going to be one for the books! What are we waiting for? Wish all luck with you.