USDT depegged today but Why?

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About 12 hours ago, whale"0x3356" created a new address to deposit 52.52M USDC and borrowed 40M USDT on Aave and Compound then he started depositing 40M USDT into Coinbase and Kraken 6 hours ago, USDT started depegging after whale"0x3356" deposited USDT to exchanges
and whale"0x3356" withdrew 25M USDC from Coinbase 4 hours after depositing USDT.

then about 5 hours ago, 2 whales sold a total of 9.6M USDT at a similar time after USDT depegged, CZSamSun shorted USDT on AaveV2 4 hrs ago,Whale"0xd275" started to borrow USDC from Aave and Compound and buy USDT for arbitrage after CZSamSun shorted USDT

USDT started back to the peg, but due to multiple FUDs, whales keep dumping USDT
USDT further depegged..

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Tether announced that the New York Attorney General’s Office provided responsive documents to CoinDesk this morning, today’s attack on USDT via both DeFi and CEX occurred on the day that materials were handed over. Tether called on Coindesk not to disclose information about its past and current customers
USDT almost recovered
Tether will stop minting and issuing USDT on Kusama, Bitcoin Omni, and BCH from today
Tether updated its reserve report. As of August 24, Tether's total assets were US$86.1 billion, its total liabilities were US$82.8 billion, and its reserve ratio exceeded 100%. Tether currently has a liquidity buffer of $3.29 billion across 15 blockchains, with total assets made up of USDT, EUR₮, CNH₮, XAU₮, MXN₮
Tether purchased 10,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs worth $420 million in exchange for a 20% stake in Northern Data, Europe’s largest Bitcoin mining company, which plans to lease these GPUs to artificial intelligence startups
1.347 billion USDT was transferred to Binance.


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