VINO low float long

NASDAQ:VINO   Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc.
I am still long vino from 3.40s. Holding for 2-3x

40 for 1 split on nasdaq uplist 7.5M float
Insane levels of accumulation.
Tumin Stone Capital is the offering buyer (owned by 3i)
Offering due to close anyday now...been seeing huge institutional block buys coming in over the last few weeks. You looking for the next low float banger that is severely undervalued? This is probably you're best bet.

Be careful of your risk sizing especially if you can't catch a dip. The spread is very wide most of the time....20c or more at times. Use precaution as obviously low floats can be very volatile.

I have a sell order at $6, then $8, then the rest at $10.

Trade active:
Been active since the middle of last month. Still here. Companies intrinsic value should be closer to $10 than $4. Still great RR here with risk adjusted entries.