VOD Vodafone Group at 2010 Price Level | Potential Breakout Soon

BATS:VOD   Vodafone Group Plc
Last week, Microsoft (MSFT) initiated a 10-year strategic partnership with Vodafone (VOD) aimed at leveraging their respective strengths to create new digital and financial services tailored for businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Europe and Africa.

The collaboration involves the utilization of Microsoft's generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance Vodafone's customer experience, with the goal of delivering a more personalized and differentiated service through various channels.

The partnership seeks to expand and improve Vodafone's managed Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform, aiming to scale up the telecommunication company's IoT platform by connecting more devices, vehicles, and machines.

In recent news concerning VOD, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden intervened following the involvement of e&, the UAE’s state-controlled telecoms provider (Etisalat), which became Vodafone’s largest shareholder last year by acquiring a 14.6% stake.

As part of Etisalat's arrangement with Vodafone, CEO Hatem Dowidar was granted a seat on the board, with the option to nominate a second non-executive director if the stake increases beyond 20%. This suggests the possibility of Etisalat increasing its ownership in VOD from 14.6% to 20%.

In summary, it appears that Etisalat is inclined to boost its ownership in VOD from 14.6% to 20%.

As a result, my price target for VOD is $15.