Some companies will do really well [Oil Storage]

MrRenev Updated   
They are almost at full capacity.

The Oil minus 40 price might be from all the retail traders rushing into an Oil ETF that balooned and struggled to rollover their contracts to June.
Or it might entirely be due to every one being at full capacity.
It is not over, US Oil producers are still extracting Oil, because no one wants to be the one to reduce his output and sacrifice so others can sell at a better price.

Either way the storage issues are still here and June will be much worse than May with storage.

Oil volatility got to out of this world levels.

Of the 10 worse days for Oil prices I think 3 or 4 are in 2020, but no problem eyy, every thing will be fine, we'll just print imaginary money to solve very real problems!
There won't be a depression nah last time "they" said this and everything recovered quickly just hodl. Those are just alarmists.

Aaaand brent is crashing too now...

The NL indice is red,

Really out of my field of expertise here, but I wonder if this company can jump to new highs in 2020.

They have to have a bright future ahead.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on this.

Price might have gone up already too much in anticipation or maybe not.
Dead companies are going to get revived/get life oxygen for a brief period.

If I'd buy I would not overstay my welcome when the price starts pulling back a little too much.


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