VTI 4-6 month/ Personal trading plan

AMEX:VTI   Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF
This post is personal. We all have strategies on trading and the most important things for any trader in my opinion is to finally discover his/her strategy which suites there emotional temperament (pessimist / optimist). intellectual capacity ( children with a few simple rules trade better then many seasoned smart adult analysts/ proven back-testing results) , and their life style (how much time do you have, and the time frame you feel comfortable with).

We trade up to 25 stocks/ commodities and about 10 at any given time and are on a mostly weekly cycle. VTI is one of them. 90% of the stock we trade have similar wave patterns (as this cuts down on analyzing time), we short for a hedge. The commodities we trade are more on the monthly cycle trade commodities less often. We analyze with indicators, Elliott and trendlines , we try to ignore the news media. When it comes to Elliott counting we believe the count which make you money is the "right count". Our simple rule is BUY low and SELL high, when his is done consistently you will inevitably see your portfolio go up,.... it works.

Anyway if you have thoughts please feel free to share, again I am sharing a very personalized trading plan this may not fit you temperament, style of trading or your time frame.
Comment: Comment: An one more thing: We don't use STOPs, they are too agonizing to place (very time consuming) and we get them wrong 50% of the time and loose money.
Ever since we stopped placing STOPs on trades we have become more adaptable, and are able to respond in the moment of the daily or weekly cycle and best of all increased our profits. BUT you need a have the ability to HOLD and mange your position (buying or selling incrementally). Sometime we hit a trade perfectly and unfortunately/fortunate the trade takes off and we hit the turn just right, and in these cases usually our small opening position was too small, but we can add too it and this is the exception which proves the rule, usually we don't time our trade very well. I know its not popular and many serious professional traders will advice against it, but having no STOPs has worked for us.
when we buy low we take % profit on our managed short position.
when we sell high we take profit on our manage long and add to our managed short