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Hello to everyone out there! Hope you guys are having a good time capitalizing on the recent market moves. There have been plenty of chances to make some good money in a really short time. One such example is that of DOGE (as depicted by my idea posted earlier). This time, it is WAX that is going to experience MASSIVE GAINS. If you look at its chart, you’ll see that the 900-1000 sats has been the most crucial level for its price action since it’s inception. Every rally to the upside started from this level. Not to mention, the 910-945 sats has served as a tremendous support since the start of this coin. The price at the time of writing is 946 sats. We have been moving nicely since the last week. I believe that a breakout is inevitable at this point. We’re looking at at-least 2X-3X in the short term (1-2 months) and potentially 5X gains in the long term (4-6 months).

Fill up your bags everyone and wait to sell when we reach the following short-term targets:

T1: 1450 sats
T2: 1750 sats
T3: 2050 Sats

And remember, patience is key when it comes to trading. So lock your numbers, fill your bags, and get ready to take off!

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Happy trading!
Trade active:
And it’s on guys!!
Trade active:
Let’s blow up all the way to the the moon!
Can you guys believe that?
T1: Reached
T2: Reached
T3: Short by around 50 sats but will still get past it!
It took 24 hours to pretty much reach all the targets (over 80%+). I even told you guys that the trade is active and it’s the last chance to get in!

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Hello again! As you can see, we are moving in a ridiculously accurate manner so far according to the chart! I have been following this coin very closely and after lowering the time frame to 4h, it appears we have a classic cup and handle formation. We will witness a breakout very soon and when that happens, we are looking at probably another 35% to 50% increase in price. If you look at the arrow (blue line indicating future price move) in the first chart, you will notice that every candle has been moving in accordance with the arrow I drew there. So far this has been extremely accurate. I expect that we will now continue to complete the handle formation and breakout within the next day or two (as depicted in the 4h chart). Hit like if you think this chart was on point and follow to stay posted! Comment if you have any questions or requests :)

So the cup and handle formation got invalidated because of bitcoin just being BITCOIN. We haven't seen Bitcoin on a run like this for a really long time and it appears that thee is no stopping for anytime soon. When the alts start to bounce (which will be very soon), it will be almost unreal how WAX is gonna skyrocket. IMO we're looking at at-least 40% rise in price in the coming days. Except Ether, there is pretty much no other major alt that has not been significantly impacted because of BTC's recent run. So again, once the alts season starts, we have absolutely no reason to worry about this trade going south1

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