WTI will NOT see 90.00 USD - 83.00 MAX!

BLACKBULL:WTI   West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil cash
Oil has reached the Monday Low now and hit the reversal zone we might expect SOME BUY opportunities.

RED CHOCH (change of character) on 1D chart has stayed for months.

But,,, I am surprised of other people analysis hoping to get 90.00 USD from Crude Oil by the end of January 2023 .
This thesis of 90.00 USD produces allot of confusion and LOSS for everyone.

Just to look at LuxAlgo and previous comments on Crude Oil . In March the floor is expected to be 45.00 USD.

You might see 90.00 USD IN SEPTEMBER 2023! than why post such ideas in JANUARY 2023 or DECEMBER 2022? For everyday trader this is very confusing and produces LOSS.

And BUY orders are NOT favourable AT ALL beginning of this year 2023. In January you will ONLY MAKE MONEY ON SELL!

Also I have noticed that 99% of people technical analysis COMPLETLY DISRIGARD what is called a DOUBLE TOP . So just a reminder:

'Double Top is a reversal pattern formed by two consecutive highs that are at the same level (slight difference in values is allowed) and an intermediate low between them. It is expected that after the price again reaches the level of the first high and then reverses and falls below the level of the intermediate low, THE FALL WILL CONTINUE FURTHER BY ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE HIGHS AND THE LOW. '