WTI buy using MTFA

My entry 45.97 /// 5% moderate exposure, starting to build a bigger buy position.

SL 45.20 / Risk 3.5% - pips 77

TP 48.91 / Reward 13.6 - pips 294 / RR+3.8

The bigget channel will be to break the 13EMA on 4H, at price is literally testing it right now.

Later this week we have the OPEC meeting and to me they have been proven to bring excellent pips expecially in the week before the meeting, either on buying or selling... but this meeting has the power to create strong momentum trends.

As for the daily chart , we didnt test 42.26 as I expected (yet) but we could give it a test before the opec meeting, so if EMA holds I will probably switch to selling and be aggressive on it.

If we move down to the 10M chart and even the 1H we see that price is trying to build a bullish flag , if that succeeds, I am able to move my SL to BE+

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