Silver (XAG) is one Hell of a Buy! (Long Term) - 25 year support

FX:XAGUSD   Silver / U.S. Dollar
With only a $15B market Cap, Silver is a steal. It's testing the 300 period MA support line ( thats 25 years guys).

I think we'll see $150 XAG within 5 years. There is alot of room to run on the upside, and hardly any on the downside with how extremely tiny it's market cap is.

As you can see the general trend is up. Could be back to $20 before the years end.

I'm taking a small, long term hold position in physical silver . It's much easier to spend vs gold ($14.30 per oz.), and it is more volitile and more fun. High correlated with gold so it holds similar dollar hedging traits.

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I Agree with u but if u join bottom of all dips, we already broke 25 yrs support. Try to touch a line in Oct 08 and Dec 16 and see where its going in 2018. it already broke huge support.
TomPower LetsBeMillionaire
@LetsBeMillionaire, dude, are you telling us we are long and wrong, wtf. where is it going next then?
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