Gold or Bitcoin - which is the better hedge for 2023?

Short answer, Bitcoin.

About the same time last year the question was asked:

“Gold or Bitcoin - which is the better hedge for 2022?”

The idea is in the link below if interested. Suffice to say, there was Strong divergence, strong buy signals with study from multiply time frames. If you held Gold instead of Bitcoin you would now be in a position to have four times as many Bitcoin today.

Am sorry to tell you gold bugs, but 2023 is most definitely not the year to be holding onto the shiny metal. Will publish the reasons elsewhere.

On the above daily chart above price action has printed a death cross but is yet to confirm. For confirmation the Gold/Bitcoin ratio needs to print the 200-day SMA as resistance. There is good evidence for this.

It is also worth paying attention to the angle of the cross at this time, it is sharp. In the past a low angle has meant both assets tend to follow each other in terms of value. July 2020 below as an example. However the picture for a sharp angle is very different. This is not unique to this asset pair, it can be found many times over many asset types.


July 2020 - low angle

May 2019 - sharp angle
Trade active
Returns since the year began:

Gold 10%
Bitcoin 60%
Do you see the bear flag? When it confirms one of two events shall happen.

1) The price of gold is going to fly and bitcoin bears get that 10k Bitcoin.

2) The price of Bitcoin will go through the roof and gold, well not good.

Choose wisely.

Weekly chart
Gold = 0
Bitcoin = 1

Expect Gold to shed 25% of its value against Bitcoin with the bear flag confirmation.
Trade active:
Gold bugs not going to like what comes next..
There has definitely been much excitement amongst gold bugs as price action returns to where it was at the beginning of the year.

Has the trend changed? No.

What about this rally? This is a bear market rally.

Ever since the death cross printed, Gold has been in a bear market as and when compared to other assets that must be mined. Bitcoin is just a useful example.

The daily chart is very clear, Bitcoin = Long, Gold = short.

Daily chart
A dozen or so messages this week alone about why this outlook is wrong. Perhaps because of the recent updates.

Since the year began:

Gold is up 3.65%
Bitcoin is up 115.8%

The facts of the chart don’t lie.


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