FOREXCOM:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
18 Months after COVID-19 surfaced, the world economy is on its knee's. We are looking at inflation close to that of 2008/2009 in many countries. A recipe for disaster. Stocks struggle earlier this year as many expected inflation to be sky high since Uncle Sam at the FED printed 21% of all circulating dollar in history. Yes you heard that, Since the dollars creation 21% of the dollar that exists was printed due to covid. Weird, were is the money going? Everyone still broke right? People have less, well i can say for sure the poor(us) are definitely poorer and the rich well unaffected or richer as usual. Covid was a beautiful beautiful scam. Not saying it was fake as thats pure stupidity, but for sure countries and governments decided to monetize this tragedy. While most lost family and friends the rich made more as usual. The evidence is clear. Regardless, US bonds yields which we expected to react to the inflation news took the opposite affect. Instead we saw NASDAQ jump an insane 1.7%. Which in stock terms is insane. This is due to the fed promising to keep borrowing interest rates at zero. Essentially the US market which leads the world, sadly, (like the way BTC is leading crypto again sadly) is surviving on printing more. The government or the FED to be more accurate print money and buy stocks and borrow to the rich owners of business's. This is not a secret its called QUANTITIVE EASING. There is no evidence this works, only been tried once in 2008/9 but its not clear if it made us recovery since many techniques were tried. All in All most may have got here and thought what is this young man waffling about. Well look, The US market is showing strength when it really shouldn't i don't believe this quantitive easing will work and if it does its a matter of delaying the explosion of the bubble which is the American stock market. Also the terrible USD will probably lose a lot of value which it has been doing for years now. So WHATS THE SOLUTION YOU ASK? B T C. Love it or hate it. It is digital gold . Anyone disagree's with me is doing so out of pure ignorance. BTC is clearly more significant than gold in all aspects of Money storage or hedging against inflation . The S&P500 which was the old hedge will go to shit and if it doesn't 5-10% a year isn't that appealing is it? Long term BTC has proven to be the best hedge and In my opinion is better valued than the bubble which is the US stock market. I also believe in buying gold as a hedge. All in all we MAY see some what of a super cycle with this terrible US mess of a market which is slowly unravelling. 2020-2021 will have movies about it. How so many profited from Covid crash and the market crash which is approaching. Meme stocks and crypto will feature. Be a part. Anyways ima go back to enjoying the sun.