SEISMIC: Solid Gold becomes easily electronically transferable.

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Yes - of course some will know about credit transfers of solid Gold . But the latest stuff is bigger! Some very clever people have found a way to transfer solid gold in more than just 'credit', by very robust electronic means. In other words wherever you are in the world you can ask for your solid gold and it will be sent to your hands! Ain't that crazy!? You can now buy stuff and pay in real Gold , using plastic! Ok so that part is like credit but it isn't. No longer is that totally linked to the US-Dollar value. So this is just like cryptocurrencies - but slightly better. In other words private individuals and some corporations are re-creating the 'Gold Standard' independently of governments and central banks.

What does that mean? It means that the 'big boys' with the smart money have been ahead of the race. They spotted some time ago, to their minds that the US financial situation - which has been labelled as bankrupt (not by me), with an unprecedented Debt to GDP ratio of 105.4, and a total debt of $16 Trillion - is frankly dangerous. People have become drunk on credit. Personal credit allowances are all adding up into one massive tsunami - which nobody is really looking at.(Well except the big boys of course).

Gold is has been connected to the US Dollar as we know it today. However, strangely currencies are no longer backed by Gold (since the 1970s). This has allowed the widespread printing of national currencies backed by thin air - and confidence in trade agreements etc. On top of all that, interest rates had been held near to zero in the USA for the last 10 years, and that's why there is such tension about The Federal Reserve (which is factually a bunch of private bankers), deciding to raise interest rates. They know a bubble has been created.

In other words, the crisis of 2008 was not solved at all. It was papered over and made worse. Yes - it's taking time to pop. Sometimes real bubbles made of soapy water will touch a surface several times and not pop. But when they pop and when Ponzi schemes crash, it happens in the blink of an eye. If/when the financial bubble pops Gold will rule again. But it will be too late for the average investor to get on board.

I'm not saying that everybody should rush out and buy Gold . What I'm saying is that sensible investors and traders need to get prepared now. In fact 'now' is a bit too late.

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