Federal Reserve news: markets leap around the world!

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In the screencast I show how supposedly good news from the Federal Reserve today caused stockmarkets all over the world to leap north. Wall Street jumped some 600+ points, for the joy of many people. I don't see any reason for joy. Sorry. Forex pairs influenced by stock markets also moved seriously.

The reality is that Powell used softer more measured and 'pleasing' language. However, the 38 page full text of the Feds Financial Stability report of 28th Nov 2018, contains a rather worrying situation that was in need of 'monitoring'. Lovely language - isn't it? ;)

Powell actually pointed to the "Bottom Line: Financial Stability Risks Are Moderate". It's all in the 'choice of words'.

So - beware of crowds and what you pick up on the news.
Comment: As I was saying...the markets were on such a knife edge that loads of people leaped for joy, before studying what Powell said. See here:!/...

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