David takes on Goliath! Amazon no doubt

This is really like a David and Goliath story. Amazon is the big Giant and many traders with smaller accounts may not be able to take it on.

In the screencast I show why I estimate cautiously a key position with probability for the south. Note carefully that every probability estimate in one direction leaves a probability for the other direction.

I'd like to encourage all new trader on paper trading accounts to try this out.

Amazingly when one gets down to the 5 min time frame it's possible to see how Amazon affects whole stock markets around the world and forex pairs ( esp AUD and all Yen pairs).
Comment: Caution folks - Amazon is causing some terrible spikes on many forex pairs especially anything with Yen in it. AUDJPY is particularly vulnerable. This action is coming from a 5 to 10 min time frame.

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