Should we buy gold right now?

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Yesterday we expected big fluctuations in price and that is now a fact.
The question that everyone is asking is if this upside move will carry on.

No matter what the answer to this question is, there is another one - should we buy right now?

This are pretty clear here!

At the moment gold is against a strong resistance at 1825, and immediately after that we also have a Daily resistance in the 1832-1834 zone.
If those levels are violated that means we would have a new daily high and then we could easily say that this move will continue higher.
There is still a chance that we could see price rejecting the resistance and shooting down to 1800.

That's why the answer to the question ''Should we buy now?'' is NO!

And here is a money management lesson for those of you worrying that you will miss out on this move.
If you buy an instrument at $8 and you sell it at $15, then you will have the same result if you buy it at $10 and sell it at $15.
The difference is that in the second case scenario you have a higher probability for that to happen!
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waste of time following you

yesterday & day before yesterday sell sell

now buy buy
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paul2k99 tradingnsebse
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rrruss2020 tradingnsebse
@tradingnsebse, This person did *NOT* say you should BUY! They even ask, "Should I buy?" AND they answered, "No." There's #NoMysteryHere!
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TradeDRR rrruss2020
@rrruss2020, Agree, but there is no one to see the captions.
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ForexTrendline rrruss2020
@rrruss2020, They just need to read what it says, not just look at pictures :), thnak you.
ForexTrendline tradingnsebse
@tradingnsebse, No, it's a waste of time for someone to try to educate you!

If you could read (which I deeply doubt) instead of just looking at pictures, you would see that we do NOT recommend to buy GOLD right now!
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Very good analysis, do not pay attention to the haters, they are low-educated people who are looking for someone to tease. There is no point in trying to explain something to them, they will not understand you anyway.
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@TradeDRR, Agree with you, thanks for your support!
No, not buy now better wait until gold reaches 1920 and then of course buy!!! lol... good idea ,
I will do opposite on top of what I bought at 1750 and keep with me while you and lingrid put every f... day gold gonna go down no matter what my conviction is strong and now I wil buy with both hands right here and right now.just to do opposite of what you said , and if goes down to 1810 buy more!! gold will be up from here on until end of year and you will watch how your shorting ideas all this month only for amateurs who don't know anything about gold and the secular bull market that is in. cheers and enjoy!
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@paul2k99, Show me what you got!?
Take a look at our analyzes, they are better than most here! What about you, where are your analyzes?
What usefulness have you created for people?

Oh, let me guess! You hang around and hate posts! I got it!

That's what you can do, that's what you do!

Thanks for your comment, by the way!