πŸ”₯ Strong fluctuation on gold today! Be ready!

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
This is what we said in our analysis on EURUSD from earlier today about the FED Interest rate decision:

"Today is the FED Interest rate decision. This is the most important event right now.
Based on that we will see certain moves in the market. That's why we will wait for it in order to see in what direction we want to trade.

The question is not if there will be change in the interest rate - there won't be!
The question is when is that expected to happen in the future.
The comments following the news are even more important and they will definitely cause some big moves.

Right now, no one knows what will happen, what will be said and how it will affect the market. That's why in moments like this the market is quiet.
We prefer to stay away from trades before the news but to spend more time analysing.

If you don't want to be exposed to too much risk, then I suggest you wait."

The news regarding he USD also affect price on gold and that's why we expect volatility in price here as well.
It is possible to see market up at 1820, however until price is below previous highs we're going to be expecting a downside move.

If price quickly gets up to 1820 and it then rejects that level, then we could be looking for aggressive entries.
Whatever the case is, be prepared for some big moves and don't exceed your risk limit.

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Why did you decide that the price will rise to the 1820 level? Your resistance level is at 1826. Where did you get this number?
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@Lingrid, Not all levels that we have in our analysis are shown on the chart. We use a complex type of analysis which is not based on S&R only. Of course, feel free to follow our analysis so you can eventually get some useful information. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask us. Good luck!
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@Lingrid because before resistance there is an strong supply zone
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@Lingrid, Where do you get your numbers from Lingrid? I wonder that.
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ForexTrendline Tradersweekly
@Tradersweekly, What do you saying?.... We get our analysis from Her, she doesn't even know what she doing. Take a look at her charts and analysis and then see ours! This is not serious!
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Tradersweekly ForexTrendline
@ForexTrendline, I am saying I agree with you on what you just stated. I challenged her expertise in many questions but she is either elusive or fails to argue a point. And yeah I have been watching her work for 4 months now. In regards to gold within that timeframe not a single price target was reached. She preffers quantity over quality that is why. You can just open her telegram page and see pictures of her with laptop on her laps in flashy cars, etc. It looks cheap and unprofessional. I would say it looks almost like a scam artist. Combined with her lack of performance I would not be surprised to see if that is the case.
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ForexTrendline Tradersweekly
@Tradersweekly, Accept my apologies in such a case, I did not understand you correctly! I totally agree with you, I've seen her charts, she has no idea about the market and adequate analysis. I do not know how she reached so many followers?!
Tradersweekly ForexTrendline
@ForexTrendline, Oh no problem, no offense taken so do not worry. Well, I think many of the followers (and users on tradingview) are bots indeed. You can even look up contract asking for bots creation (specifically with goal to get likes and followers on tradingview) on blackhats website from 2017 or so.
Again beautiful colors but your chart is wrong again and wrong from long time gold is up and accumulating is the right move see you at 1950 while you wait golf break down from 2 months
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@paul2k99, How many times we got it?! - Nobody said anything!!

We have almost no losing trade on GOLD, and we can proof it!

What can you show us, only negative and angry comments because someone disagrees with your opinion.

You better go applaud Lingrid!

Thanks for your comment! ;)