XHV/BTC Long Term Hold

BITTREX:XHVBTC   Haven Protocol / Bitcoin
Haven Protocol ($XHV) fundamentally is a powerhouse:

-Decentralized Exchange making it Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
which is the future of finance
-It has Monero ($XMR) grade privacy
-The current team had no premine or collection of user funds
-Inherent token burns
-Small total supply of 18,400,000
-A private, decentralized stablecoin
-Offers offshore holding of many different synthetic
assets soon including the USD ( xUSD ), Chinese Yuan (xCNY),
EUR (xEUR), Gold (xGOLD) and more

"Imagine sending private ounces of gold anywhere in the world
with no custodian or counterparty"
--Erik Voorhees (ShapeShift CEO and early Bitcoin adopter) on Haven Protocol

Technically it looks solid as well for a move upward against BTC:
-EMA9 looks like it is just about to flip the MA30
(last time this happened it resulted in over a 1000% move upward)
Nearly the entire chart looks like a giant Cup and Handle (C&H)
-The price needs to 1W confirm S/R flip the top diagonal/top of
the handle it is currently retesting
-When that happens the .00016517 level needs to confirm flip
as well
-Then the next target is the strong resistance of .00022530
-That will break and S/R flip heading us toward the neckline
of the C&H which will act as resistance at .00029941
-Our last real resistance to flip before gunning for the BTC pair
all time high is .00040990
-The C&H target is .00044237 however coupled with the
rock solid fundamentals this project should steamroll this
target as well as the BTC pairing all time highs.

Investing in this for years could prove to be one of the better
decisions one has made as an investor this decade.

Current USD price is appx $8.54, will come back to this in a
few years.