The Mute Speaker

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Prices never lie. Price is everything.
Time however always lies. That's "Theory of Relativity 101".
Time stretches and narrows based on boredom, psychology, speed.

By taking time out of the equation we transform a news piece into a literature book.
Timeless charts are the past, the present and the future.
They don't expire.
Unlike candles with specific expiration date.

Linebreak charts are a portal into the Minecraft world.
They serve an important purpose. To dictate/confirm price trends/movements.

To see these charts, you must imagine them.
We live inside a fake time dimension. We cannot escape it, just like pacmac cannot escape its 2D world. The only thing we can do is image an eternal time.

Imagine a future of expensive oil.

Imagine an eternal oligarchy of the Big Coin ...

... and the Big Brands.
The few (DJI) shall beat the many (SPX).

China has become a parasite on its territories.

Let us welcome the US Industrial Revolution ...

... and the rebirth of the Japanese economy

Imagine all the people.

Tread lightly, for this is blocky ground.
-Father Stevegory.
What are yields talking about?
BRICS anyone?

South Africa:
Should we add Greeks to Brics?
My TV profile has become something of a diary.
I have felt in love again with Brazil. I used to talk with this Brazilian girl.
She spoke Portuguese. A beautiful girl, a beautiful language, a beautiful country.
God I miss that girl...

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