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What's up traders, investors, and delusional moon boyz. Here is an update on XLM . I want to start by saying that analysis is a game of troubleshooting
and idea's. No one has all the answers. Oh wait, except ARIAS WAVE. He tends to have all the answers, which is why he posts videos and talks shit
that he can't back up. Remember, these are idea's and not the sports almanac from back to the future. He tends to think I'm not aloud to have a couple different views on XLM , which by the way will help you guys move in the right direction. I like to show bullish and bearish possibilities and sometimes it's hard to label every single wave and shove everything into a chart so you guys can understand. I'll try to be neater from now on. I rather have all options on the table and cancel them out rather than have one bias and look like an ass on tradingview. Apparently I'm inconsistent because I have different ideas. Well I just gobbled up 22,000 XLM at $.31 right at the .786 to see if either my Gartley pattern plays out or it gets rejected to finish it's bearish pattern . Either way, I make nice $$ and that's the name of the game. In my last analysis, I had us in a possible ABCDE pattern. As you can see, we broke to the downside and we found some buy volume at $.31 like I was hoping. I do think we have the possibility to go lower though and we will buy. I will be watching closely and will be very careful to close this trade at the right time with some nice profits. Here is another idea that actually fits the pattern. The WXYXZ pattern. Right now I have two bearish charts that I'm watching to see how this pans out. The ABCDE and the WXYXZ. If I'm wrong, I don't care, however I hope that these idea's keep you guys ahead of the game and in the loop and I don't think I'll be wrong. Bottom line, is we are all trying to get good entry points on xlm . We don't need to buy the bottom. If this WXYXZ plays out, we will have a nice final drop. If we break above my marked bullish territory than the bullish Gartley is in play. Oh and Arias Wave... your analysis is not the only analysis and personally, your analysis has been dutie. Go back and watch your videos and listen to how many times you change your mind. Your inconsistent! I change my mind all the time, however I'll make sure no one gets hurt. I don't need to be right like you, but usually my analysis is in the right direction for profits and no one will lose tons of money from following me. I see all angles unlike you who was insulting people if they didn't buy XLM up at the top around $.75. You were telling everyone it's there problem if they miss out because XLM is on it's way to $55. Dumbest thing I've ever witnessed in any type of technical analysis . Anyway, enough of the rants. Sorry guys. Good luck and happy trading.

Comment: Short term day trade closed at $.351. 22,000 Xlm sold.$858 profit from buying at $.311. I’m looking for a (b) wave to buy back or confirmation of more bullish movement in the short term. A break below $.30 will still keep my ideas open only my C wave is further down below the A wave further completing the Y wave with another abc move up in the WXYXZ correction idea.
Comment: Xlm getting close to resistance areas on my chart. A rejection will have a final ABC down ending diagonal completing our wave 2 and then we buy the shit out of XLM. Don’t wait for the bottom or try to figure the bottom. Dollar cost average whenever it dips. Like I said I don’t have a crystal ball but if both resistances break with volume than the bullish Gartley pattern is in play and we are on our way up to the 1.272 or the 1.618 extension of what now would be called a wave 1, which was from around $.28 up to $.47.
Comment: I re opened my position and went all in at $32.8. I purchased 40,000 Xlm with another $3,000 cash reserve in case we go lower or for dollar cost averaging on the way up. I did this because I believe $.26 was our low and that $.31 at the .786 is our wave 2. I’m pretty confident that the Gartley pattern up to the 1.272 or the 1.618 will play out. if it doesn’t I will hold the 40,000 XLM and buy more on the way down. Wish me luck!!!


you mean xlm isn't going straight to $166?

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mfibbs TheKnown
@TheKnown, lol. No it’s not going to $10 anytime soon. Never say never, but you could go in a 1 year Coma and wake up and XLM will be under $10. If you want pipe dreams you should follow Arias wave. He likes to visit fantasy island in his dreams and will tell you what you want to hear that XLM Will be $160 plus by August. Lol
no xrp for you? just wondering what is your opinion.
do you think alts (stellar, xrp) will go on there own and stop following btc at one point?
mfibbs Patl66
@Patl66, Sometimes for short periods of Time they don’t follow. However if BTC goes down over a prolonged period of time alts seem to follow either at a slower rate or a faster rate. You really have to look at the USD chart and then the pair chart of the old coin you’re trading against BTC and try to find some discrepancies.
mfibbs Patl66
@Patl66, Not a fan of xrp. I prefer stellar
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