XLM/USD Secondary trend. Timeframe 1 week.

BINANCE:XLMUSD   Stellar / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Timeframe 1 week. Dragon pattern has formed. There are attempts to break through its resistance. Rollback after a breakdown of the downtrend (ridge of the Dragon). This Dragon (its first part) is a potential handle to the cup (pullback) on a large timeframe and scale (1 month).

Next month, protocol #18 is triggered. 3 11 21.

Coinmarket: XLM

Notice how technically and predictably a sequence of pummels by a rather large percentage (220% 300% 160% 100%) and the same pullback (complex %) moved the price in the spring pump.
All of these moves are in my trading ideas as I am an active bidder on this coin. Spring pumping +1000% from accumulation.

Here is my non-public trade idea posted 13 102020 at the beginning of the nucleation of this secondary uptrend (pumping sequence).
XLM/USD Secondary Trend Manipulation with Chart Distortion

This secondary trend zone is in the primary trend.
XLM/USDT Primary Trend. Channel. Cup. Timeframe 1 month

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