The Stellar XLMUSD Road Towards the Megabull - With 5,500% Gains

KRAKEN:XLMUSD   Lumen / U. S. Dollar
Hey all!

Thank you for the amazing feedback and comments as I continue to publish more ALTSCOIN charts during my free time! For those who have not subscribe yet to my chain simply hit that Like and Follow buttons to receive the latest notifications/updates. Here is another highly demanded coin to chart: "Stellar Lumen" or XLM , lets have a quick look of the potential targets of this coin in this Bull Market or Megabull!

If you are wondering if you should purchase/buy/long XLM here at $0.70c, I would say YES since it only gained roughly 1,500% since the 0.04c lows from the Bear Market which had a double bottom bull reversal back in 2019.

I believe that you or anyone could still make roughly 2,500% to 5,500% gains if XLM goes from 0.70c to either $18-20 or $38-40 by year end which is possible based on my bull log parallel channel . How could it be possible you ask?
Well there is a lot of "dumb money" flowing into the Crypto Market, more than any other Megabull run market we have seen in the past as the world embraces digital currencies through mass adoption. A simple look at DOGE that went from 0.0018 to 0.75c with a whopping 40 ,000% profit in few months is enough evidence that anything is possible in Crypto at this early stage of this bull run which has easily another 6 months~.

Anyways here is what I expect in the incoming weeks, I would expect XLM to rally on the rumor of the consensus and XLM Network upgrade which would hit the top/sell 5-10% target of the bull log parallel channel first at $2 (a great short-term sell area) by May 24 - 31. After that expect few months of sideways in the bull log channel before it starts rallying again by August to $7 then by year end it will reach the first potential top of this bull market at $18-20 or my second final potential target of the Megabull at $38-40 on Nov-Dec 2021~.

Summary of the Megabull / Bull Market Targets by Dec 2021 - Jan 2022:
$18-20 (2,500% gains from 0.70c)
$138-40 (5,500% gains possible from 0.70c)

Looking ahead at the next bear market of 2022-2024, we can expect the final bottom to shape a nice rounding bottom at 0.90-0.70c~ which would be our potential buy/long target then!

Best of luck and happy trading!
Carl M.


The big picture: Stellar lumens is a source of solution for cross border payments, money transfers using “any” form of currency (person to person) similar to a Venmo or cash app if you will with minimal fees and trust in safety & reliability. There’s a total of 50 billion xlm in circulation. Too never increase or decrease again. This is supply and demand the value will continually grow. Note that; Only 20 billion are allowed to be purchased. Stellar lumens is partnered with IBM & in the process of partnering with Wirex, SatoshiPay, bitbond and more. And if anyone without using google knows what I’m talking about when it comes to CBDC the purpose of xlm is 100% the most valuable crypto to have and that makes sense. Realize this; in the USA it cost the federal reserve roughly 14 cents per 100$ to print money. What did we all learn from COVID? All the money that we had to print just to feed back into the economy to get people to spend money cost us millions and tons of it. The world is going to be digital currency. I promise you. The government HAS to always win & it will. Digital currency is there answer. Tracked & costs nothing. Our economy is literally circulated by payroll and business. Without that “zilch”. Anybody in there 70s here? I’m curious what debit card did you have 40-50 years ago? (You didn’t, because their were none) The world is advancing, similar to electric vehicles/ solar but that’s a different story. You either jump on the bandwagon now and get ready for economic advancements or continue to use your checkbook like the other 2/3 or adult population. Your future is right here in front of you, ignorance stops you. Crypto will be massive, get it while you can. Specifically Stellar
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VajraV Matthewsan
@Matthewsan, no criticism on your post. Lots of good info. But first the Fed doesn’t print money. The Treasury does. And only an actual piece of paper held in the hand costs .14 cents to produce due to all the counterfeiting measures. The thieves at the Fed, read their history, make fictional digital money that costs maybe a penny per hundred million. And they just circle it endlessly carving off profit for their PRIVATE SECRET shareholders making “controlled” inflation to continue the economic drain like the parasites they are….
You make my shlong twitch
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@murrvin, Actually laughed out loud.
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Additionally, grayscale owns over 5 million stellar lumens that means more than you think
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Nice, Carl ! I also add some XLM to my small bag :)
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That'd be nice wouldn't it
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you have a update?
Are you measuring on a log scale?