AW XLM Analysis - But Still Kinda Feels Like XRP....

COINBASE:XLMUSD   Stellar / United States Dollar
In this video I bring back the love for XLM so don't get jealous that I'm talking about the ex.

I aint dating either so sue me haha I am just trying to indicate that to those that want to make money, they are one and the same.

If you really love any of these projects you would never plan to sell any of them, right?

Would you sell it if it went to $20K?

Think about what that means, you are treating XLM like a cheap...

I know we are here to make money and I have you covered.

Make me feel wanted by liking my content because I need it to survive this bear winter :(

Make me happy again by hitting that love because I will bring the truth like no one ever has...

Now for the disclaimer...

Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial adviser; I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

***AriasWave is not the same as Elliott Wave so your counts may differ to mine if you happen to use it.***

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