XLM/USDT Secondary trend. 14 01 2024

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Logarithm. Time frame 3 days. Local trend.

After breaking (breaking) the resistance of the descending wedge (trend), a sidewall is formed (accumulation zone with 3 local zones).

On the linear this “sawing” looks like this.

Local trading situation (reversal zone now).

To understand this zone more clearly, see the old ideas that are relevant now - the primary and secondary trends (links to the ideas below).

Primary trend (publication March 2022)

XLM/USD Primary Trend. Time frame 1 week. Squeeze channel

Secondary Trend (publication 06 2022) Without a link in a search engine, the site is not searchable because the publication is not public previously.

XLM/USDT Secondary Trend. Wedge

Like all Ripple group pilot assets for central banks (it's not actually XRP, and that's the whole point), XLM has been in super profits since 2017. But this is not a problem as most crypto coins after 2 market cycles have already been redistributed (2017 and 2021 allocations). In addition, 50% of the former coins have been burned, before the 2021 cycle starts.

Given liquidity, capitalization, well, and the logic of the chart (main trend, emphasis on 2017), there can hardly be an inadequate pump on XXX until the end of the 2025 cycle. But like any other similar asset depending on its liquidity will give about +800% from average set (accumulation) price to average reset (distribution) price.

The exception that a "superdriver" might make is some massive play with CBDC. But until then, all CBDC pilot blockchains have not shown any "fallout from the general market cycle". That's why they're pilots.... Although, when the central banks of the states launch their CBDCs on a mass scale, the situation may change. But remember, a pilot project can remain a pilot project, especially when media PR is evident. Therefore, do not be squeamish about profits and do not be attached to the ticker name.

Perhaps, if the market significantly "bites its nose" (final "unexpected" capitulation before the "participation" phase in 2024), XLM, like other crypto-assets, will follow the general trend. But in the long run, the ultra-fast, low-cost, micro-transaction (payment) supporting pilot blockchain for CBDC states by the central banks of states is hardly threatened. At least all such blockchains will have a number of immunities of advantage from the states, unlike speculative "crypto beasts" with imitation utility, which at any rustle from the regulator are crooks.
15 02 2024 Potential for significant local pumping around 50-100% from the 0.113180 level reversal zone
29 02 2024 price is at the triangle resistance zone (exit from the accumulation of a large pamp - bowl). In case of a breakthrough and realization of the formation potential +100-140% Possibly with a long #Stop Loss, and possibly without it (more likely scenario).

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