Risk appetite in the markets? Checking the $XLY / $XLP quotient

I have this quotient in my watchlist to monitor the risk appetite of the market. The AMEX:XLY ETF (Consumer Discretionary) is a good indicator of high risk appetite because its holdings are more focus on growth therefore are more volatile. And the AMEX:XLP ETF (Consumer Staples) is more focus in value stocks, therefore less volatile.

AMEX:XLY with holdings like NASDAQ:AMZN , NASDAQ:TSLA and NYSE:MCD . And AMEX:XLP with holdings like NYSE:KO , NASDAQ:PEP and NASDAQ:COST .

Right now the quotinet XLY / XLP is near a breakout off a base to make an all time high, while its 20 day moving average is croosing the 50 moving average. This are good news to this bull market.


So does your indicators mean we will rally risk-on with XLY or risk-off with defensive XLP?