XMR usdt.. What I think of Privacy tokens

Hey everyone,

With Binance now yielding to western European countries.. I think more and more people will think of Monero and other privacy coins.

I decided to go with XMR instead of ZEC. Imo XMR has more to offer.

Check out the current chart.. I cant see history of XMR in Binance charts anymore, so people tend to forget we were at 300 before with XMR..

Imo we could see a leg towards 150 happen ( btc bear scenario) or breakout now. In both cases bullish on XMR longterm!

However, I see a big cup and handle here. And fundamentally.. I support privacy tokens too.

Another good(but gambly) privacy token might be Arrr on Kucoin.

Bought them both. Hodl!

We need some privacy tokens in our bags. The future is bright .