XRPUSD Is it about to resume its Mania Phase?

Last week the 1W MA50 (blue trend-line) held and that was enough to give XRP a respectable push to the upside. Whether that can be sustainable or not, it remains to be seen, but last time the 1W MA50 has been holding for that long was during XRPUSD's last Bull Cycle and more specifically in its 2017 Mania Phase.

As you see the similarities are uncanny. Both Bear Cycles have ended on a -16o Lower Highs angle and once the Mania Phase started, the 1W MA50 has been supporting. The mid-phase pull-back on both was around -70%. Right now the CCI is on the same level (-70.00) as it was in the mid 2017 low. The question is are we in a new 1 year Mania Phase and if so is the bounce on the 1W MA50 enough to make Ripple resume it?

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