Tezos Is Getting Stronger | Now Above EMA200 | Next Target!

HITBTC:XTZBTC   Tezos / Bitcoin
Tezos ( XTZBTC ) is active, bullish and becoming stronger by the day.

Recently, the XTZBTC chart printed two really big volume bars to break above EMA200, a very strong resistance level .

The last time Tezos conquered EMA200, additional growth followed, a similar scenario can happen today.

Now that XTZBTC is above EMA200, it can very likely continue to grow.

Take a look at our last trade for Tezos, it is already at 40%+ of profits, see it below:
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Comment: Growing nicely... can continue to grow.

This one can easily make a strong move up soon.
Comment: TARGET:

(1) 0.00012500 |Hit 7-Nov. (+15%)
(2) 0.00014100 |Hit 7-Nov. (+29%)
(3) 0.00015500 |Hit 7-Nov. (+42%)
(4) 0.00016500 |Hit 21-Nov. (+51%)
(5) 0.00018000 |Hit 22-Nov. (+65%)
(6) 0.00020300 |Hit 23-Nov. (+86%)
(7) 0.00022000 |Hit 11-Dec. (+102%)
(8) 0.00024000 |Hit 12-Dec. (+120%)
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