GXChain Imminent Explosion Ahead | How Far Up Can It Go?

BINANCE:GXSBTC   GXChain / Bitcoin
GXChain ( GXSBTC ) is doing slow and steady growth and preparing for a strong move.

Now facing resistance, I am seeing 40-60% growth next.

Chart patterns: I am seeing the classic Adam & Eve bottom formation. This can lead to a short retrace followed by a bullish move or straight up can also happen right away.

You can find multiple targets on the chart above, as well as multiple support levels... Feel free to leave a message if you have any questions.

Comment: TARGET:

1) 0.00007330 |Hit 15-Nov. (+7%)
*) 0.00007683 |Hit 15-Nov. (+12%)
2) 0.00008500 |Next target...
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Great, Thanks Master
+1 Reply
AlanSantana sidhabdn
@sidhabdn, Thanks.
Will this fly like LEND? Or what do you suggest something like lend?
AlanSantana Rgohil71
@Rgohil71, This one can do something similar.