XTZ easiest to trade ? UVU supporter .

After my successfull trade last time I am conintue that bullish idea with a little more details. Healthy correction which occur right now its good sign and prof for me that I am right. I am investing some profits on UVU because I want accumulate as much as I can before it pump after team news soon.

  • Please read about my recommendation in new crypto market #UVU

I am suggesting to invest in altcoin like : UVU which is new coin but with great perspective. Why UVU ? Because their unique vision based on crypto atm and recharge stations for electric cars . This european project got first successes behind them like listing on big Hotbit Exchange - You can trade there without K-Y-C so registration is easy and fast - brilliant model for less experienced users.
Look into it:
Moreover the price is still cheap it means BIG space to grow. Team predicted that price for 1 UVU should be a round 0.2 USD in March and now its just 0.0028 USD !
Also the cirrculation supply isnt big so it also work for future profit because many coins could be in Yours hand for less payment .
Think serious about investition like this !
Also You will help to grow whole market because their mission to assimilate devices like Crypto Atm to local society .

Check the chart :