Verge(xvg) will deliver amazing profits!

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin

Check my previous xvg post ,so that your are update to date.

My target for verge is 900 sats
Your not late at the party ,don't miss this rally.
And fill your baskets.From the current price you make about 175.97% profits.
Not bad don't you think so , I will keep you updated.

Now let's wait and see.

Hopefully I will have soon good news for us
verge deep green

until next time
peace out

If you profit a lot from this post

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Comment: There is already good news
look at that

Massive volume ,A new sign of new rally
I think so.
Trade active: Booooooooom!
this is only the begin!

Stay tuned ,
I give detailed analysis on this one
latr in the day
Comment: Steadly where climbing up,
The macd is curling upward which is really good sign
Trade active: Verge is taking a breath before another take out ;)
Likely target is 500 sats.

Mean while feel free to load some verge and enjoy the ride
Comment: Good news
Verge is likely done with retrace
the rsi is point upwards again .Which is a good sign

Next rally shortly
target 500 sats region
Comment: Things are going well for now
macd is point upwards
RSI is alot point upwards again after a slight little fall
Comment: We're staying nicely in the bollingerbands which means the downtrend it's on his last reserves.That's go for us
Comment: Retracement are never fun,but it gives us opportunity to load some more verge.
It test your patience ,some people will drop their verge ,in that moment usually the take off occurrs ,and then it's to late.

Stoploss for me atleast is 290 sats
Comment: Is the worst over ?
I think so ,

The RSI is point upwards again which is a good sign
Verge is bottoming up.And we're at the latest stage.I don't think we will experience frightining drops again.Hope for verge isn't lost yet.

Now we wait and see
Comment: Verge is showing some action,We had our lower low,
xvg is preparing for take out.The rsi is still pointing upwards

We will wait and see how this develops,
Comment: Verge is dormant I Know,it's playing a game with us,
If we get sick and tired and we drop our verge while it's is this cheap,
that would be unfortunate.

I saw a promising pattern
Will this play out?
It's quite probably,
there another good news
the macd is going upward slowing yet steadily

I will keep you updated
Comment: The least favorable scenario happend ,
We made a lower low,perhaps a bullish wick?
To flush out weak hands?

Well my stoploss was around 290-280 sats
we'll see the come days how this will play out,
Comment: You know what I think,the bearmarket is on it's knees,
what's last attempt to drag the market deepred.

back to verge ,cheap right know,
you don't have to buy if you scared of another drop.
You could wait when verge is start moving again and buy on the way up.

Whatever you do goodluck to you and me
Comment: The correction dragged out, but I really think it's on his knees.
While the btc pair was verge was suffering.
the usd pair was quite stable,no heavy drops

the orange is the verge/btc
and the other one usd/verge

I will give my detailed analysis tommorow
Comment: Let's play with fractals to see
what going on
we're going to analyse the blue and
yellow block
we're going use battern pattern to help to analyze the
fractals.The yellow barpattern is from the yellow block and the blue battern is
from the block now can find the similiarity between those two.

The similiarity between the fractals
btw I stretched the yellow a little bit out .
It's a pointing that the correction is done
let's wait and see
Comment: It's been a while guys,

Verge is testing our patience severly,
When people are getting sick of tired of their trade because
it didn't move like expected , i WAS GETTING sick of tired of verge
but's it a clear indication to not drop it , usually after a while when you drop it
it will rise massively.Doge played a similair trick on us, I had doge for a while but I was getting anixous not seeing a lot of action, I was in a point when I nearly drop it ,but I stopped last moment and waited the storm out ,and doge didn't dissapoint me ,it did extremely well past weeks.So bear with me,we will see verge rise massively again


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