Zclassic - (ZCL) - 1700% Possible Earnings - Very Risky

Hi Guys.

Today we have a Zclassic short analysis for you. This is more relaying on TA.

Investment in Zclassic is very risky right now as team announces to cease it partly for the time being but...

Crypto world is crazy right now and for some adreline and fun we would invest very very small part of our assets.

The Zclassic team anounced on Medium.com and Twitter: "No development team has approached us to discuss further development of the project nor does the Bitcoin Private team intend to continue active development. Furthermore, we have no intention of handing the project over to a new team without significant experience or a comprehensive development plan"

They are gathering ideas on what they called "Zclassic project proposal process"
Due date is on June 1st. On June 2, 2018 the Bitcoin Private team will begin the review process and a winner will be announced by September 1, 2018. In the event that no proposal is selected, the proposal process will start over and applicants will have a chance to revise their proposals.

So it may turn out there is a community/devs which supports Zclassic. The news will be announced in September 2018 and there we go - Boom!
It was announced in March and weird is the fact that we had a massive (10 times) price rise.
It may happen this time. Stay observant.
Set alarms on Treding View on Weis Waves. Whether it is 250 000 up or 250 000 down.
Without watching at this all the time you will get the message that something is going on and it is worth watching this coin for a while.

Tech analysis details:
  • Very low on Fibonacci scale
  • Elliot Waves cycle finished (A-C) and waiting for another one (1-5)
  • Weis waves - not enough volume yet - but remember alarms on TV.
  • Stoch RSI - oversold zone

Fibonacci levels:
Buy: around 0.00180000
1. 0.00492524
2. 0.00770668
3. 0.00999102
4. 0.01228588
5. 0.01553353
6. 0.01963528 ( ATH )
7. 0.03153294 (new ATH )

Stop - loss: 0.00130000

So guys. This is risky game but it may pay off. We will see.
When there will be good atmosphere around all crypto even such project can explode (fundamentally and technically).

WBM Team
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Thank you for the analysis, I really enjoy your work. One question, why is there no mention of the upcoming fork between BTC and ZCL, resulting in Bitcoin Anonymous? The fork date is expected for September, so is that the event you are intending to discuss above? Thanks so much for your time and any clarification you can provide further.
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WBM_Team tradingviewsfromthe6
@tradingviewsfromthe6, September is still distant and we focused more on technical point of view especially on volume. You are very welcome and if you have any information you can share it with us. Let's rock this community
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Thanks,but would like to know why did you put the last pump as abc while we were not in a correction ? cant we now at the 3rd wave (1,2 sub waves finished) ?
WBM_Team motazshaheen
@motazshaheen, thanks for comment. It is inversed. Somethimes this pattern is observable in "nature"