EOS - Congratulations - 287 % Earnings in less than a month!

Hi crypto family!

Congratulations! With WBM Team you could earn up to 287 % within a less than a month (perfecty matched with our predicted time frame).
What a great news.
To remind you (look at our EOS analysis from April 7th) our targets:

Target1: 0.00082547 (achieved)
Target2: 0.00113930 (achieved)
Target3: 0.00128228 (achieved)
Target4: 0.00149216 (achieved)
Target5: 0.00174308 (achieved)

Bonus: 0.00240000 (achieved) - AWESOME

On 7th of April we started from level 0.00082547 and we managed to obtain as high as 0.00240000.

Ok let's get down to the current situation. We still believe in this project but we have to correct temporarly.
For the time being we should establish short postions on EOS .
Here are the reasons why:
  • Volume Wighted Moving Average likety to cross MA which is bear's sign
  • We have observed MACD bear's cross
  • Volume weighted MACD - bear's cross likely to happen
  • The most interesting and most valuable here - Weis Waves: as you can see after massive green wave we have a very small green candles - it means there is no demand and as a result price won't go up. On the other hand supply is growing - more red candles at the end of the chart - there will be more tokens for sale.

We have to wait till situation on Weis Waves changes - to make story short - more green candles and fewer red ones.
Check out our BTC WEIS WAVES educational analysis down below to understand the concept.
Thank you for your messages, comments and likes. Don't forget to follow us.

Your Team (WBM ;))
Comment: For better insigt.
Comment: Hi guys. We have a correction here. We follow BTC. If you are conservative you could sell at around 200 000 st. Right now is not very good time to sell as we have small demand and the price is low. Supply is getting smaller so we can expect to have this trend inversed within couple of days/weeks (no longer then 2/3 weeks we think). Much depends on BTC
Comment: Stoch RSI in oversold zone - good sign to buy not sell
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thanks i really appreciate it.
could you update chart please guys. i dont know if is should sell... how far will it drop!
WBM_Team Paisleyred
@Paisleyred, there you go :)