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Hi Traders!
So we can see a bit of optimism today on the market. Finally!

We want to introduce you to another interesting project.
This is iExec with its native RLC token which is based on Ethereum ( ERC-20 type).

What is this project all about?
Well in simple words their goal is to create decentralized computation power, decentralized servers and marketplace for dApps.
Marketplace for dApps already works. Check this out https://dapps.iex.ec/

So moving on.
As a Developer, you can use iExec to overcome blockchain limitations, by executing your computations on a new distributed infrastructure.
As a Provider, you can lend your machine power and monetize it by executing developer applications.
The iExec Marketplace. This is a global and open market where supply meets demand for cloud power. Applications and users can access computing power on-demand while providers define a price for which they are ready to execute computations.

iExec offers CLI and JS libraries allowing developers to overcome Ethereum scalability issues by executing ‘off-chain’ computations through the iExec decentralized cloud.

Decentralized applications powered by iExec are featured on the Dapp Store. Developers can monetize their dapps and increase their visibility, while users can execute these applications thanks to the marketplace.

iExec’s core team consists of six PhDs, four of which have been working in cloud computing since the early 2000s.
Four of them Gilles Fedak, Haiwu He, Oleg Lodygensky, and Mircea Moca, have experience working at INRIA and CNRS developing programs for Desktop Grid computing. iExec is the product of their collective experience, and after Gilles Fedak discovered Ethereum in 2016, the team found the solution to a problem they had been debating since 2012: how to create a distributed cloud based on Desktop Grid computing.

In their whitepaper, the iExec team lays out the project’s competitive landscape and explains these competitors in relation to iExec.
They’re quick to note that decentralized cloud storage providers like Filecoin, Storj, and Siacoin are not direct competitors, and it’s easy to see why. While iExec could theoretically take a step in this direction as it matures, it’s not a storage platform. This is a computing platform.
This does put it in competition with other decentralized computing protocols like Golem and SOMN

Where to buy
Bittrex, Binance, Upbit, and Bitfinex account for the majority of RLC’s trading volume . Each exchange sports BTC and ETH trading pairs, while you can also buy it directly with USD on Bitfinex.

So Traders. This project seems to be a very interesting project.
They also have a decent rate on Coincheckup (3,9 stars out of 5) so definitely it is on our radar.

Technical analysis details
We are very low at the Fibonacci scale. We didn’t touch the bottom from December 2017 so set your stop-loss at 0.00005000 as we may encounter pullback to around 0.00003000

On the second chart, you can see we are on the brink of TenkanSen ( daily interval ). This is great but let’s wait for the next bar. It should be above. If it will be, we enter the position.
The price also crossed VWEMA which is another bull’s signal.

Weis Waves shows us no supply and growing demand thus the price is moving up.

In terms of profit/loss ratio, we assume we can lose 50% of our initial investment (as above mentioned we didn’t touch the bottom from December 2017).
On the other hand. we can reach as high as 0.00041368 making from each $100 invested, $500 dollar profit. $50 dollars loss, $500 dollars profit which makes 1000% profit/loss ratio.

Here are Fibonacci levels for reloading or sale.
1. 0.00011946
2. 0.00017658
3. 0.00022112
4. 0.00026657
5. 0.00033126
6. 0.00041368

Don’t forget to set your stop-loss at 0.00005000

WBM Team

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