The Final Zcash Chart Prediction for 2024-2025 Crypto Bull Cycle

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IMHO - Zcash’s primary use case is a private store of wealth. It’s a Swiss Bank Account without the Swiss Bank. ZEC is PRIVATE digital Gold 3.0. The project needs a great wallet experience and a transition to PoS. Hoping new leadership can pull it off

Not anymore so I hear your frustration. Zooko founded Zcash so he gets rewarded like a founder. My guess is he cares far more about Zcash’s ability to provide freedom and privacy to the world than money. Anyhow, thanks for the comment. I personally use Zcash as a Swiss Bank account without the bank and for me, THAT is Zcash’s best use case. Private Bitcoin Digital Gold 3.0.

So why is BTC at 47000 and ZEC at 20 ? Usage has nothing to do with that. Technical properties are having no influence. ZEC is not an object of " speculation " investment. Investment and usage go hand in hand. The" ZEC company" is responsible for this disaster.

It's not speculation. It's serious investment into a product which holds value and is seen as beeing money. The people who are managing ZEC have never had any interest in price or value. It's kind of really strange to me that people who have no interest in money and it's value are trying to create a product which should replace our current money. the code has no value for anybody until you give it real value. This is something what we all do with things. First you need enough people who are seeing the value. Than you need people who are seeing that possible future value and buy it as an investment for the future. Than you can as the value increases do something with it and spend it. Money makes the world go round. Silly socialist ( woke ideas ) always have and always will fail because it goes against human nature. One more thing: In the long term, utility and usage are everything. This statement is correct. One question for you. Many people have developed many very good things. Why does one come to live and others which may be even better don't. What is the difference? That's not a lecture. That's live experience. Silly Ideas are killing humanity ( and ZEC )

9 more months of frustration remaining. BTC is rallying which will slowly pull ZEC higher
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Grayscale Debuts Privacy-Focused ETF Featuring Zcash Trust Allocation

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