ZILUSDT , Where are we ??

BINANCE:ZILUSDT   Zilliqa / TetherUS
Hello guys

whats up ? i hope all of you take profit , take good profit from the market

In here we have a amazing fundamental powerful coin in crytpo
From technical sight : we are in downward trend But we can take breakout wave whole of the wave not micro wave of micro wave
then this fall down price we can call it , it is a pullback
we should wait until the price is coming to the buy zone area then wait to take signal in lower mutli-time frame then buy and take long position and DONT FORGET USE STOP LOSS .

I think ZIL can reach another time to the ATH but this is a market we cant predict the price exactly we say this scenario can be happen because of why why why

if you have any question , send me messages

Good Luck