ZOOM (ZM)| Short-, mid-term reversal area!

NASDAQ:ZM   Zoom Video Communications, Inc

It is a short-, or mid-term opportunity because we don't know exactly when the lockdowns will end (people start to go back into their offices and start using video communication services a bit less) but atm looks like we can catch some technical movement.
Slowly the vaccin starts to kick in but let's see, there can be many-many obstacles considering vaccin and even covid itself so that's why I consider that the investment on Zoom should be short-, or mid-term.

Techincally the buying area stays $260 - $320 and the criteria:
1) Weekly EMA 50
2) AB=CD equal waves from the top
3) The mid-round number 300
4) Fibonacci golden ratio
5) 50% drop from the ATH
6) Small resistance on Daily matching nicely with other criteria

Do your own fundamental research and if this matching with my technical analysis viewpoints then you are ready to go! If it doesn't match then...skip it!!

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Nice analysis, Thanks for sharing.
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VaidoVeek ForecastCity_World
@ForecastCity_World, thank you!
Looks like we might be trapping shorts
VaidoVeek DXY_to_0
@DXY_to_0, Probably but honestly I don't care what moves price does before it reaches inside the marked area. If it doesn't reach at all, then fine, there are many many more :)
i think it will hit 300 too didnt think 260 thanks for the target!
@G0124, you are welcome!