Nice Channel For ZRX - Possible 25% Gains

- Overall ZRX is showing a nice channel where accumulation could be going on. Currently at a low-risk entry. Let's start from the top!

Price Chart
- This trade may require a little bit of patience as I think it'd look best if the MA lines(green/yellow) move closer to the current support of $2.04
- If BTC begins to dump ZRX could see $1.83 so patience is key here

- RSI looks great. Bouncing off the lowest value(shown by yellow line) always has the possibility to have a breakout
- If breakout does occur RSI has plenty of room to grow

- Stoch value is low. Lower the value the more likely ZRX will see higher prices

Extra Info
- Learn about ZRX here:

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Would also like to know your thoughts! Remember this is not financial advice, however, it is an overview of what I am seeing in this coin's price action.

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