Stocks that have been traded the most

See the list of stocks with the highest trading volume at a quick glance. Large trading volumes tend to appear in close proximity to strong price levels and pivot points. Such volumes are often the result of a large number of orders being filled on certain price levels when big players enter the market.

PLMO POLEMOS PLC ORD 0.01P 0.010.00%0.00Buy2.298B23.530K-0.033.00Energy
TSTR TRI-STAR RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.005P 0.056.06%0.00Buy287.034M30.262M-0.0011.00Basic Materials
JUST JUST GROUP PLC ORD 10P 147.10-2.19%-3.30Buy180.425M1.408B8.890.171091.00Financials
LLOY LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC ORD 10P 66.03-0.30%-0.20Sell132.518M47.607B15.210.0467905.00Financials
VOD VODAFONE GROUP PLC ORD USD0.20 20/21 193.18-1.46%-2.86Sell109.239M52.271B13.910.14111556.00Telecommunications Services
TPOP PEOPLE'S OPERATOR PLC (THE) ORD GBP0.0005 0.0325.00%0.01Sell97.507M602.930K-0.0742.00Telecommunications Services
GLEN GLENCORE PLC ORD USD0.01 380.35-4.40%-17.50Buy74.923M57.449B12.430.31145977.00Energy
UJO UNION JACK OIL PLC ORD 0.025P 0.1315.47%0.02Buy64.874M6.515M-0.004.00Energy
PCGE PCG ENTERTAINMENT PLC ORD 0.1P (DI) 0.23-9.62%-0.03Buy55.605M2.452M9.00Consumer Cyclicals
VAST VAST RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P 0.56-1.72%-0.01Sell53.112M29.036M-0.0066.00Basic Materials
PRIM PRIMORUS INVESTMENTS PLC ORD 0.01P 0.1713.33%0.02Buy52.173M4.186M-0.000.00Basic Materials
LSAI LOCATION SCIENCES GROUP PLC ORD 0.01P 0.036.25%0.00Buy45.653M3.292M-0.0047.00Technology
AERO STRAT AERO PLC ORD 0.01P 0.070.00%0.00Buy43.168M3.512M-0.008.00Industrials
TSCO TESCO PLC ORD 5P 245.80-0.73%-1.80Buy42.003M24.170B20.340.12448988.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
SEE SEEING MACHINES LIMITED ORD NPV 8.59-4.56%-0.41Strong Buy39.974M201.906M-0.01151.00Technology
BARC BARCLAYS PLC ORD 25P 207.50-0.64%-1.35Sell37.380M35.753B-0.0179900.00Financials
BP. BP PLC $0.25 586.300.39%2.30Buy33.768M116.874B30.020.2074000.00Energy
HSBA HSBC HOLDINGS PLC ORD $0.50 (UK REG) 732.900.41%3.00Buy32.460M147.032B18.440.40228899.00Financials
BT.A BT GROUP PLC ORD 5P 203.25-0.68%-1.40Sell31.754M20.260B9.990.20106400.00Telecommunications Services
INFA INFRASTRATA PLC ORD 0.01P 0.43-9.38%-0.04Buy30.639M4.857M-0.003.00Energy
88E 88 ENERGY LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) 2.332.20%0.05Buy27.951M116.112M-0.00Energy
MYN MAYAN ENERGY LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) 0.808.70%0.06Buy27.098M8.788M-0.119.00Industrials
FRR FRONTERA RESOURCES CORPORATION ORD SHS USD0.00004 (DI) 0.452.30%0.01Sell26.472M71.787M-0.00Energy
BLU BLUE STAR CAPITAL PLC ORD 0.1P 0.262.00%0.01Buy25.094M4.693M-0.001.00Financials
CNA CENTRICA PLC ORD 6 14/81P 144.950.73%1.05Sell23.748M8.053B24.380.0634901.00Utilities
HER HERENCIA RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.01P 0.03-13.33%-0.01Sell23.457M3.988M-0.0016.00Basic Materials
UKOG UK OIL & GAS INVESTMENTS PLC ORD 0.01P 1.43-1.72%-0.03Sell23.086M55.762M-0.003.00Energy
FCR FERRUM CRESCENT LIMITED ORD NPV (DI) 0.077.41%0.01Sell22.413M3.392M-0.01Basic Materials
COPL CANADIAN OVERSEAS PETROLEUM LIMITED COM SHS NPV (DI) 0.62-10.71%-0.07Buy21.393M13.224M-0.0213.00Energy
VELA VELA TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 0.1P 0.6513.04%0.07Buy20.283M4.802M22.410.0055.00Consumer Cyclicals
RBS ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PLC ORD 100P 290.53-1.35%-3.97Buy19.469M35.418B26.930.1170900.00Financials
CPI CAPITA PLC ORD 2.066666P 139.045.50%7.25Buy18.530M2.199B-0.4969459.00Industrials
SBRY SAINSBURY (J) PLC ORD 28 4/7P 305.50-0.62%-1.90Buy17.425M6.738B24.020.1351900.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
MRO MELROSE INDUSTRIES PLC ORDS 48/7P 236.800.98%2.30Strong Buy17.181M10.318B-0.0011960.00Industrials
GGP GREATLAND GOLD PLC ORD 0.1P 0.550.00%0.00Sell16.249M16.476M-0.000.00Basic Materials
TW. TAYLOR WIMPEY PLC ORD 1P 203.500.59%1.20Buy15.720M6.628B12.030.175183.00Consumer Cyclicals
ABM AFRICAN BATTERY METALS PLC ORD 0.001P 0.030.00%0.00Sell15.714M2.092M-0.0060.00Basic Materials
EDL EDENVILLE ENERGY PLC ORD 0.02P 0.30-0.66%-0.00Sell15.621M4.133M-0.008.00Energy
LEG LEGENDARY INVESTMENTS PLC ORD 0.1P 0.100.00%0.00Strong Sell15.446M3.450M35.000.003.00Financials
ALBA ALBA MINERAL RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P 0.30-3.23%-0.01Strong Sell15.332M8.811M-0.000.00Basic Materials
AST ASCENT RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.2P 0.88-2.78%-0.03Sell14.845M20.374M-0.009.00Energy
OML OLD MUTUAL PLC ORD 11 3/7P 246.00-1.48%-3.70Sell14.677M12.317B891.300.0028313.00Financials
CLP CLEAR LEISURE PLC ORD 0.25P 1.18-7.48%-0.10Strong Buy14.673M5.507M1.920.015.00Financials
AMER AMERISUR RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P 18.909.12%1.58Strong Buy14.242M210.348M25.070.0183.00Energy
PMO PREMIER OIL PLC ORD 12.5P 126.303.95%4.80Buy14.191M936.340M-0.39789.00Energy
INSP INSPIRIT ENERGY HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.1P 0.0615.79%0.01Buy14.016M673.390K-0.005.00Financials
COB COBHAM PLC ORD 2.5P 119.60-3.20%-3.95Buy13.801M2.948B35.240.0310736.00Industrials
ITV ITV PLC ORD 10P 169.600.15%0.25Buy13.336M6.802B16.300.106055.00Consumer Cyclicals
MORE MONREAL PLC ORD 0.25P 0.150.00%0.00Sell13.242M809.860K-0.03Financials
PHE POWERHOUSE ENERGY GROUP PLC ORD 0.5P 0.490.00%0.00Sell13.102M7.000M-0.000.00Energy
WRES W RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P 0.490.00%0.00Sell12.908M26.783M-0.006.00Basic Materials
LGEN LEGAL & GENERAL GROUP PLC ORD 2 1/2P 283.600.35%1.00Buy12.786M16.832B10.800.267570.00Financials
SRSP SIRIUS PETROLEUM PLC ORD 0.25P 0.851.19%0.01Sell11.971M29.368M-0.0010.00Energy
PSL PHOTONSTAR LED GROUP PLC ORD 0.01P 0.38-2.56%-0.01Sell11.763M2.271M-0.0086.00Consumer Cyclicals
NG. NATIONAL GRID PLC ORD 12 204/473P 879.232.35%20.17Strong Buy11.701M28.936B8.421.0522132.00Utilities
ENQ ENQUEST PLC ORD 5P 43.252.49%1.05Buy11.263M501.054M-0.04506.00Energy
AV. AVIVA PLC ORD 25P 550.000.55%3.00Buy11.059M21.902B16.080.3530021.00Financials
CHAL CHALLENGER ACQUISITIONS LIMITED ORD GBP0.01 0.47-12.96%-0.07Buy10.355M1.193M-0.01Financials
TCG THOMAS COOK GROUP PLC ORD EUR0.01 128.90-7.33%-10.20Buy10.323M2.136B79.910.0221788.00Consumer Cyclicals
ECHO ECHO ENERGY PLC ORD 0.25P 15.5516.48%2.20Buy10.259M53.549M-0.037.00Energy
MKS MARKS AND SPENCER GROUP PLC ORD 25P 291.70-1.88%-5.60Buy10.174M4.820B25.790.1185209.00Consumer Cyclicals
ANGS ANGUS ENERGY PLC ORD GBP0.002 8.2013.10%0.95Buy10.122M21.531M-0.01Energy
SXX SIRIUS MINERALS PLC ORD 0.25P 32.94-1.14%-0.38Buy9.970M1.559B-0.0291.00Basic Materials
MDZ MEDIAZEST PLC ORD 0.1P 0.170.00%0.00Buy9.314M2.246M-0.0016.00Consumer Cyclicals
ALPH ALPHA PYRENEES TRUST LTD ORD NPV 0.1058.33%0.04Strong Buy9.104M
TLW TULLOW OIL PLC ORD 10P 275.862.25%6.06Buy8.952M3.764B-0.121030.00Energy
ADL ANDALAS ENERGY AND POWER PLC ORD NPV 0.026.25%0.00Sell8.866M958.720K-0.0011.00Financials
GSK GLAXOSMITHKLINE PLC ORD 25P 1488.20-0.15%-2.20Buy8.847M73.750B34.730.4398462.00Healthcare
WMH WILLIAM HILL PLC ORD 10P 331.300.15%0.50Buy8.638M2.840B-0.1016168.00Consumer Cyclicals
AXM ALEXANDER MINING PLC ORD 0.1P 0.145.56%0.01Buy8.632M2.544M-0.004.00Basic Materials
EMG MAN GROUP PLC ORD USD0.03428571 193.70-0.20%-0.40Buy8.468M3.150B13.370.151313.00Financials
KOD KODAL MINERALS PLC ORD 0.03125P 0.15-1.59%-0.00Strong Sell8.301M10.253M-0.000.00Basic Materials
OXB OXFORD BIOMEDICA PLC ORD 1P 14.88-0.80%-0.12Buy8.255M492.646M-0.00295.00Healthcare
OGZD PJSC GAZPROM LEVEL 1 ADS (REPR 2 ORD) 4.760.00%0.00Buy7.933M41.775B4.461.04469600.00Energy
BA. BAE SYSTEMS PLC ORD 2.5P 648.400.81%5.20Buy7.225M20.491B24.240.2783200.00Industrials
BLT BHP BILLITON PLC ORD $0.50 1738.00-0.66%-11.60Buy7.179M98.003B19.200.9126146.00Basic Materials
MRW MORRISON (WM) SUPERMARKETS PLC ORD 10P 254.50-0.04%-0.10Buy7.116M5.985B19.520.13105487.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
BPC BAHAMAS PETROLEUM COMPANY PLC ORD 0.002P 2.70-1.82%-0.05Buy6.920M41.582M-0.005.00Energy
RDSA ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC 'A' ORD EUR0.07 2716.00-0.51%-14.00Buy6.817M230.665B17.651.7886000.00Energy
HUR HURRICANE ENERGY PLC ORD 0.1P 48.000.00%0.00Strong Buy6.742M941.574M-0.0021.00Energy
PVR PROVIDENCE RESOURCES PLC ORD EUR0.10 11.456.76%0.72Buy6.638M63.177M-0.0313.00Energy
RBD REABOLD RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P 0.680.30%0.00Buy6.587M19.075M-0.000.00Financials
RDSB ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC 'B' ORD EUR0.07 2798.24-0.26%-7.26Buy6.407M230.665B17.651.7886000.00Energy
ROSN ROSNEFT OIL COMPANY GDRS (EACH REPR 1 ORD ) (REGS) 6.15-0.81%-0.05Buy6.337M48.202B13.870.4470696.00Energy
IAG INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED AIRLINES GROUP S.A. ORD EUR0.50 (CDI) 682.60-0.78%-5.40Buy6.256M14.085B8.410.8463422.00Industrials
RMG ROYAL MAIL PLC ORD 1P 545.60-1.69%-9.40Sell6.048M5.538B21.100.26158955.00Industrials
BCA BCA MARKETPLACE PLC ORD £0.01 189.20-1.15%-2.20Buy5.943M1.523B35.750.056935.00Consumer Cyclicals
MTR METAL TIGER PLC ORD 0.01P 2.385.56%0.12Buy5.940M24.903M-0.004.00Industrials
MARS MARSTON'S PLC ORD 7.375P 100.50-0.89%-0.90Sell5.937M642.807M14.880.0714814.00Consumer Cyclicals
RKH ROCKHOPPER EXPLORATION PLC ORD 1P 40.558.13%3.05Buy5.935M171.691M-0.0121.00Energy
OCDO OCADO GROUP PLC ORD 2P 800.001.34%10.59Buy5.868M5.290B5882.350.0012799.00Consumer Cyclicals
PAF PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC ORD 1P 6.86-0.58%-0.04Sell5.858M153.852M8.530.014452.00Basic Materials
SLA STANDARD LIFE ABERDEEN PLC ORD 12 2/9P 369.000.46%1.70Buy5.798M10.919B12.460.307768.00Financials
KGF KINGFISHER PLC ORD 15 5/7P 293.90-0.14%-0.40Sell5.749M6.324B13.370.2278000.00Consumer Cyclicals
PFP PATHFINDER MINERALS PLC ORD 0.1P 1.100.00%0.00Buy5.678M2.533M-0.000.00Basic Materials
STAN STANDARD CHARTERED PLC ORD USD0.50 750.30-0.68%-5.10Sell5.565M24.972B33.930.2286021.00Financials
BOO BOOHOO.COM PLC ORD 1P 198.250.76%1.50Buy5.441M2.257B73.070.031301.00Technology
BZT BEZANT RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.2P 0.47-1.06%-0.01Buy5.263M3.642M-0.015.00Basic Materials
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