November 16, 2020
We’ve Integrated BitCoke Swaps Data

Win win win, you can now chart 21 Quanto swaps traded on BitCoke, a Hong Kong based crypto exchange launched back in January 2018.

Quanto swaps — an upgraded version of inverse perpetual swaps – enables users to select either: BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, as a margin to trade all perpetual swaps available. They launched in June 2019.

To get started, type BITCOKE: into our search bar. A list will appear showing all the cryptocurrency pairs and contracts that are available to you. Simply, select the one that best fits your trading needs.Working with up and coming exchanges like BitCoke is part of our mission to help traders and investors to make the best informed decisions about what they want to trade and why. If you’ve got any questions or feedback about what we’re doing, please do send it in — we love to hear from you.

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