December 8, 2021

Back your favorite at our 2021 Broker Awards

It’s that time of year again: award season is here and it’s time to let the community know who’s done the best, and who’s still playing catch-up. It’s the 2021 TradingView Broker Awards.  

Now in its second year running, our awards are decided based on your feedback, your ratings and reviews. We started the broker awards to create the most transparent investing marketplace on the web. A place where traders and investors across the globe can find the perfect broker for their needs. Connect your TradingView account to your favorite broker, trade right from the chart, and leave a review so others can do the same!

If your connected broker impressed you — by giving you the best service, access and tech over these last 12 months — then make sure you rate them and perhaps they’ll become the 2021’s top winner. It’s that simple: connect your TradingView account to your favorite broker, trade, and then rate them.

The awards will be revealed in January 2022, and reviewing is simple: just go to their profile page on TradingView and give your feedback — good or bad. The power is in your hands, use it wisely.

Like last year, we have eight categories up for grabs:

  • Broker of the Year: The top dog, the big enchilada. In our eyes the best of the best this year
  • Most Popular Broker: The dudes and dudettes with more connections than Grand Central Station
  • Social champion: As popular as Britney, with more original ideas than Edison
  • Most Innovative Tech: Broker tech so sharp it’ll cut you if you aren’t careful
  • Best Multi-Asset Broker: Because trading one thing in one country is very 1976
  • Best Futures Broker: This wild bunch might just be the future of futures
  • Best Forex and CFD Broker: If they were a currency, they’d be a Benjamin Franklin
  • Best Crypto Broker or Exchange: When you’ve been around the blockchain as long as these guys and girls, anything’s possible

Thanks again for being part of TradingView, and helping make the trading and investing world a little bit of a better place.

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