September 7, 2016

Clarification announcement Spanish version

Last July we announced the roll out of the Spanish version. The new version was well received and is growing steadily, but we need to clarify something.

Since the announcement we noticed that some native speakers who were used to publishing ideas in English on the main section, switched to publishing in Spanish on the same section. Unfortunately this violates House Rules, because all ideas published on the main section have to be in English.

If you want to publish ideas in Spanish, you need to first navigate to the Spanish section via the drop-down menu on the homepage. This section features a completely localized interface for charts and social features.

There’s no problem with publishing in English, but every region has its own language. If an idea has to be published in multiple languages, you can use the same chart but it needs to be created with a new title and new content in the language you are writing.

We hope this clarifies it!