September 11, 2016

Closing the loophole for sharing private ideas

Two years ago the feature to publish private ideas was made available to all users. These are ideas that are not published to the community, which makes them the opposite of public ideas. The reason for having them is the ability to create, save and always have available charts with analysis and notes that only the author can see. Like a private trading journal. For flexibility reasons, it was still possible to share them with other members in chat or via comments, if the author wanted. The feature is popular: 1 in every 5 ideas is private, which comes down to 170 daily and 5,100+ monthly. But the original implementation had one drawback.

However the ability to share them created a loophole that is used by some to gain an unfair advantage. Some people want to impress others by showcasing only awesome trades and keeping all losers private. That’s not fair, because it doesn’t present a complete picture and it violates the principle of transparency that makes our community trustworthy. Furthermore, these selectively shared “awesome winners” are often highly rated, boosting the author’s reputation. Today we closed this loophole, because reputation must be earned fairly.

From now on, private ideas stay private within TradingView and can no longer be shared with the community. Sharing them externally remains possible, but they can’t be rated or further shared by anyone. Our House Rules have been updated to reflect this change. TradingView is a place where everyone can earn reputation points on equal and fair terms, through publicly publishing ideas and adding value to the community. This change reflects our commitment to making sure it stays that way.

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