Economic data on charts

Dec 15, 2021

It’s party time, as we introduce yet another new type of data to our charts. Say hello to Economic indicators.

With their help, you can track the current economic condition and its associated dynamics for more than 200 different countries.

At the moment, the list includes more than 300 indicators, both key (including GDP, CPI, Policy Rate, etc.) and those specific to a particular industry (Steel Production, Construction Output, Employment Rate, Hospitals, Military Expenditure, Car Production, Wheat Stocks, Chain Store Sales, etc.)

You can find all the new data in the search bar, either by typing the “ECONOMICS:” prefix, or by choosing ECONOMICS in the All sources” tab.

Learn more about Economics here.

We hope you will find the new data useful. Do send us your feedback — it shows us that we’re leading our platform in the right direction.


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