October 14, 2014

Featured Ideas of the Week – October 12

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Picks From Community Top Authors

SP500:Time to Short Stocks!
Top author Technician warns of a downside correction in U.S. stock market, illustrating technical studies of correlation between Junk Bonds and stocks, in addition to breadth studies. Great Call…

SP500 Short Trade

Fibonacci And Wolfe Pattern Offer Bullish Target
Top author 4xForecaster presents a Wolfe wave pattern forming on the USDJPY hourly chart, hints short term outook is “BULLISH”… Read it…

USDJPY Bullish Wolfe Wave

 Promising Trades and Insightful Analysis 

Us Dollar/japanese Yen – Usdjpy – 4 Hour Bar – Time At Mode …. 
timwest explains how to analyze bars using the “time at mode” concepts , a unique way and great insight.Learn it…

USDJPY Time at Mode

Btcusd – Bitstamp, Intermediate Term Bullish – (updated)
DanV updates his prior forecast for BTCUSD using his favorite analysis method.. Check Elliott wave count…

BTC Elliott wave forecast

Dax: Will It Break ?
MagnusTradingGroup a great combination of harmonic an classic technical analysis, both pont to a major bearish reversal in the DAX.. Worth checking…

DAX Bearish Patterns

Oracle: Bearish Reversal Ahead! 
Two charts from Technician this week, as he provides a great topping formation and possible trading oppurtunity on oracle shares.. See pattern

Oracle Bearish head and shoulders



Introducing the “Bullseye” section, two completed successfully trades, with precise and direct to the point on chart analysis.


Eurjpy Looking Left by Akil_Stokes

EURJPY Short trade


Selling C Wave As Well As Double Top by Sandeep_Gupta

Elliott wave short trade


This Week in Scripts and Custom Indicators

FIBGRID – A. B. C …  ucsgears  figured out a fantastic original code for an indicator that sells for over $1000 annually.